My second baby is ONE!

IMG_20160603_170927       Sweet Ruthie turned ONE on June 3rd (8 days ago) and the poor little lady hardly got to celebrate because she was so sick (cold, cough, fever, etc.). However, I did make her favorite meal (pasta and meat sauce) and she did get to try her first piece of chocolate cake, glazy eyes and all!

Despite the craziness of life at the moment, and the fact that I’d rather be spending time face-to-face with my sweeties than typing here, I realized I didn’t want this milestone to pass us by seemingly “unawares”, nor did I want Ruth Rebecca Kloosterman to feel that her special day was somehow “lost” on us.

Over the past year I have had the privilege of being “Mama” to our precious little “second-born” who started out seeming so “quiet” and “unassuming” in comparison to her assertive, inquisitive big sister. By far one of the scariest moments of motherhood for me was when she got a terrible virus at 2 months old, and landed in the hospital because of breathing difficulties. I am so thankful to God that she made it through that challenge, and that He allowed us more time with our sweet girl. It really made me consider the huge gift that both of my girls are, and the importance of making the most of every moment with them.

Ruth took her time to crawl (between 9 and 10 mths) and she still drags one leg behind her just like her big sister did. She’s still not walking yet, but she pulls up to standing on EVERYTHING and can move around holding onto the couch. Today she let go of the table and took two steps towards me on the couch with no hands! Yay Ruth!

Because she was such a placid, timid baby, her emerging determination and strong will took me by surprise after she started moving. What a vibrant personality you have, Ruth! You yell very loudly when Mum or Dad have to confiscate something that isn’t safe for you to have, and you let us know (again, very LOUDLY) when big sister Grace takes something away from you). Your huge crocodile tears and utter dismay when you can’t have your way absolutely melt me and, if I didn’t know that it would be doing you a disservice to cave to your every whim, I would easily find myself complying with your wishes just to comfort you.


And you’re still our “timid” one…very sensitive, even (and especially!) to the word “no” said firmly. You cry so easily, and startle so easily…and melt my heart oh-so easily!

Here are just a few things I adore about you to date:

– how you point with your index finger at anything you’re interested in
– how you LOVE to hug dollies and say (Da-yeee) for dolly
– how you say amen (ahh-meen) at the end of every prayer, and remind me to bless our food and pray for you at night by saying “Ahh-meen” before I can even start praying!
– that you can now say Dada, Mama, bible (bah-buh), what the sheep says (baa), what the lion says (your “roar” sound is THE CUTEST), and Hi (you say this JUST like your friend Eleanor – a long, drawn-out, expressive “Hyyyeeeeeee”)
– how you wave for hello, bye bye and night night
– how obsessed you are with my phone
– the fact that you find Grace hilarious
– the way you suck your thumb to comfort yourself, when you’re tired, or to go to sleep
– the way you play with knit blankets when your going to sleep
– how you kiss me spontaneously and at request
– how much you love to snuggle me
– your adorable teeth (4 top, 4 bottom) which you uses so well to eat everything put in front of you (you’re Mama’s girl when it comes to food!)
– how you “sing” so sweetly with your baby words when Daddy or Mummy are cuddling you before bed
– how you never tire of hearing me reading “Time for Bed” by Mem Fox (your favorite book, other than your “Bah-Buh” – your Hug-a-Bible)
– how you yell “Dada” in the morning when you hear his feet, even before you see him (this makes Daddy soooo happy!)

I could go on and on, sweet baby, but I need to go and put laundry on while you and you sister are asleep.

We are so happy God gave us you last June, and we can’t imagine our family without you.

I pray that He gives us many more years to love you and teach you His ways.

Your name means “friend” or “companion” and I am so thankful to have you as our little “friend” in this life. I’m thankful that Grace has you for a friend (she declared to you in the car yesterday: “I’m going to love you forever and ever, Rooey!”).
And most of all, I’m thankful that “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Prov. 18:24). My deepest desire for you, on your first birthday, is that you would come to know what a friend we have in Jesus. I love you, Ruth Rebecca. Xo