Pondering and treasuring the moments of motherhood



“…Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19).

It is amazing to me how quickly the last 3 months have passed, and how much my little girl has grown. Because I see her every day, her increase in size is almost imperceptible to me, so I have found it quite surprising when she’s  outgrown outfits or no longer fit neatly in my lap. I remember when I needed a nursing cushion to keep her in the required feeding position; now her body drapes across my lap and I have to use both arms to keep her in place!

I always watch her at night as I nurse her, thinking of the miracle God has created in Grace Melanie Kloosterman…her little hands, her sweet ears, her chubby legs…all of these growing rapidly cell by cell as God continues fashioning her into who He’s made her to be.

As she grows in a physical sense, other aspects of her nature are growing too. She’s developing quite the little personality and it seems she’s going to be a chatty one! She loves to babble away, particularly when others are talking, almost as if trying to add her two cents to the conversation. Yet by far her most heart-warming quality at the moment is her smile…that innocent, delightful, all-gums smile. Even when her little hands are in her mouth, you can tell that she’s smiling by looking at her sweet blue eyes; they almost close and literally sparkle. Such a contagious grin! Not to mention her laugh! When I hear it, I can’t help but join in!

What a joy it is to be her mother.

Amidst all the business of the Christmas season, and the high-paced nature of these early weeks and months of motherhood, I don’t want to miss out on HER. I don’t want to lose sight of Grace in the midst of all the goings-ons of life, because I won’t get these moments with her back.

Last night, as I put her to sleep, I felt quiet, thoughtful and grateful. I felt a deep desire to, like Mary, “treasure up” each stage with my precious girl…to be present in each moment, making memories with this sweet little blessing God has given me.